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Principal Mr. John House-Myers

Leadership of the school is provided by its Principal of seven years, Mr. House-Myers.

Ms. Colleen DesRuisseaux, Director of Guidance

Ms. DesRuisseaux provides students with support in and out of school time.

Ms. Leslie Bean, School Nurse

Looking after the health of students during school time.


Homestay hosts and their families are expected to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their international student.  Whilst they do not become substitute parents or guardians in the legal sense they do have responsibilities of care and provision.

The host family is responsible for:

  • looking after the student in their home to the best of their ability
  • a safe and friendly living and studying environment
  • treating the student with respect - making the student feel comfortable and part of the family
  • advising the school if the students seems very homesick or depressed
  • notifying the school if there are any changes or additions to the household
  • notifying the school immediately if there are any problems with the student; eg medical condition, misbehaviour

Host families are not expected to:

  • pay for mobile or toll calls
  • cook special food
  • offer accommodation to visiting relatives or friends
  • insure the students goods or pay for property the student damages or loses
  • comply with unreasonable requests

A Bedroom...

Students are entitled to a room of their own. It should have a wardrobe and chest of drawers, plus other bedroom furniture; a desk, chair and lamp for study. A bed and all linen to be supplied by the homestay.

Please ensure that your student is warm enough during the winter months. Many students arrive here from hot summer weather in to often very cold winters, and they can really feel the cold very badly.

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